Magnolia x soulangeana 'Black Tulip' pbr

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A superb, frost hardy deciduous magnolia variety with attractive foliage and a compact growth habit. Its tulip shaped flowers are black/red in colour, fragrant and appear in late Winter on the bare branches. 'Black Tulip' pbr will flower at a young age, but the flowers may take a few seasons to develop to their true size and colour. Our Magnolia 'Black Tulip' are grafted for optimal growing performance.


Magnolias prefer a moist, fertile and well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. A sunny aspect in a protected position is best, though they do tolerate partial shade, and some protection from strong wind will enhance and prolong the flowering season. We advise an annual application of good quality fertiliser in spring, and mulching and watering during the drier months especially when the plant is establishing itself. Protect new growth from slugs and snails. When planting grafted stock ensure the graft is at least 7cm above soil level, if planted below soil level this can cause fungal and/or root issues.

Landscape Uses

Deciduous Magnolias are a spectacular feature plant and look fantastic planted as a single specimen or in a garden setting. They have a non-invasive shallow root system that makes them ideal to plant close to the home for summer shade. They blend beautifully with other winter/spring traditional flowering favourites such as Azaleas, Camellias and Hellebores.


Height to 5m
Width to 3m