Malus x atrosanguinea 'Gorgeous'

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Small deciduous tree with a spreading growth habit. Gorgeousl blooms are produced in abundance in spring. The branching structure of this tree is very attractive during winter. Our Malus are grafted for optimal growing performance.


Malus gorgeous is a very hardy small tree that will grow in most well drained soils in full sun to partial shade. It is not tolerant of soils with a high pH. Prune to shape after flowering. When planting grafted stock ensure the graft is at least 7cm above soil level, if planted below soil level this can cause fungal and/or root issues.

Landscape Uses

This is the one of the most common Crab apple grown primarily for the lovely Spring and Autumn colours its foliage produces. This small tree is suitable for planting in small formal gardens, large containers or anywhere that space is limited.


Height to 3.0m
Width to 3.0m