Strelitzia reginae

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Stunning flowering plant commonly known as Bird of Paradise. An evergreen clump forming perennial with long lance-shaped foliage. This tropical accent plant is an attention seeker with its striking orange and blue flowers emerging from boat-like red-edged bracts.


Prefers full sun but will tolerate part shade. Thrives in organically rich moist soil with good drainage, in a warmer position of the garden protected from frost. Requires good watering during growth but once established is quite drought tolerant. Remove damaged or spent leaves regularly and dead flowers to encourage regrowth.

Landscape Uses

Great in pots and can be grown indoors. Strelitzia look fantastic when planted en masse. Perfect for creating a Tropical garden look when used in mixed garden plantings with Philodendron Xanadu, Aucuba Rozannie and Arthropodium. Striking colourful flower heads are the feature of this plant and make excellent cut flowers.


Height to 2m
Width to 1.2m