Ligularia dentata 'Pandora'

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Pandora’s dark purple/chocolate leaves give extra depth in a lush garden bed, with the tall golden yellow flowers providing a stunning contrast in spring and summer. Perfect for winter colour under a deciduous tree, due to its heavy frost tolerance.


Prefers part shade to part sun and moist soil. Be sure to keep it out of the extreme heat of the direct summer sun, it will however tolerate heavy frost. Water deeply, especially during hot weather. Prune off spent flowers and older leaves to keep it looking fresh, if it sustains heavy wilt, it can be cut back to the ground. Fertilise in spring or autumn.

Landscape Uses

This plant looks stunning when mass planted as a groundcover or used as a low border. Also commonly used in pots or containers, on its own or as an underplanting. It grows well in damp areas, such as near ponds and around water features.


Height to 40cm
Width to 40cm