Callistemon salignus 'Perth Pink'

  • Callistemon salignus 'Perth Pink'
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60cm Bushy

Perth Pink (much like Pink Champange) will have a main flush of flowers during Spring and Autumn, with flowers most of the year. Perth Pink however has deep pink flowers drawing in the honey eating birds, bees and butterflies. It is also taller and wider, making it great for screening.


Plant in full sun to part shade. Perth Pink will tolerate most soil conditions, even being waterlogged occasionally, drought tolerant but will do better if water is kept up during very dry conditions. Use a native fertiliser and prune after flowering. This will encourage dense foliage and repeat flowering.

Landscape Uses

Great as a screening hedge, either formal or relaxed if you have the space. It can be used in amongst a native bush theme or as a stand-alone feature plant near a window or seating, so you can observe all the fauna comings and goings.


Height to 4m
Width to 3.5m