Elaeocarpus eumundi

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The eumundi has an attractive glossy dark green leaf with new red-bronze growth. During November to December it has delicate cream scented flowers which are bird attracting, also during this time small fruits (drupe) will ripen to a deep blue.


A mid-size slow growing Australian native tree, naturally found growing in rainforests along the east coast of Australia from northern New South Wales to north Queensland. While it can grow quite large in the wild, in cultivation it generally grows to around 5-10m tall. Prefers a well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Grows best in a warm climate but can tolerate cooler conditions. Is frost tender when young.

Landscape Uses

The characteristics of this tree make it dynamic in the landscape, it can be used as a feature tree, an informal hedge or as a windbreak. Its narrow form also makes it ideal for street trees/ roadside plantings. Combine this tree with other lush foliage plants such as Ligularia reniformis and Aucuba ‘Rozannie’.


Height 5.0m to 10.0m
Width 3.0m to 6.0m