A Garden About Greenery

Date: 22-Jul-2016

‘The Greenery Garden’ – the Gold-medal winning show garden collaboration between The Greenery Garden Centre, Vivid Design, Semken Landscaping and Warners Nurseries – reminds us that plants are the true building blocks of great garden design, adding structure, texture, contrast and colour to any garden.



The Greenery Garden is all about the greenery, and the liveliness of green in the garden environment,” explains Carolyn Blackman of Vivid Design. “We wanted to remind people that plants play an important role in garden design; that they’re not just an afterthought.”

The Greenery Garden is a classic garden about refinement, style, and a longstanding tradition of handcrafting plants for definition and form. Yet it is also a contemporary garden – mirroring the complex nature of modern living and highlighting the role that greenery plays in feeding the senses, and creating pleasure and enjoyment in our everyday lives.

The garden design comes together as a complex, yet cohesive, series of contrasts. Structural plantings, accented by colour and shape, form the backdrop for the changing landscape, embracing the seasonal shift of more transient plantings, while providing a sense of continuity and familiarity all year round. The transitions between the extremes - between light and dark, hard and soft, built and organic, modern and traditional - are gradual, yet significant, allowing the garden to be a space of intimacy, contemplation and personal rejuvenation, as well a place of generosity and abundance amongst friends and family.

This is a garden to be savoured all year round – designed to change and evolve over time, yet conceived to nurture and nourish those who inhabit it with its sense of place and familiarity.


About the plants



Hedges play an important part in The Greenery Garden, and provide structure to the design; a visual canvas for some of the more transient or seasonal elements of the garden.

  • Laurus nobilis 'Miles Choice' is a compact Bay Laurel which is ideally suited to Victorian conditions, and responds well to clipping. Featuring dark green foliage, it provides a solid backdrop to the other plantings in the garden.
  • Planting a Waterhousea floribunda hedge parallel to the laurel hedge, produces a tunnel effect, creating the illusion of space - a clever trick for smaller backyards.
  • Pleaching is a contemporary take on traditional hedging, providing an elevated screening solution. The garden features a pleached Prunus lusitanica hedge, which, when combined with underplantings, creates visual complexity in the garden.


Weaving edible plants, such as herbs and fruiting trees, into the design adds an extra touch of texture and colour to an ornamental garden.

  • Many Mediterranean-inspired plants grow well in Melbourne. The Greenery Garden features Lemonicious pbr - a dwarf lemon variety ideal for containers, and which is a prolific fruit producer, as well as espaliered Pomegranates, and clipped Rosemary troughs; each bringing an element of surprise and colour to the landscape.

Sculptural elements

No garden is complete without a bit of drama; a focal point to draw the eye and the imagination.

  • The large Olive Cloud in The Greenery Garden is a key planting in the design – it dictates the scale of the garden with it's structural form, and conveys a sense of establishment and permanency which anchors the design.
  • Clipped Bay Laurel columns punctuate the landscape like exclamation points, rising vertically out of the horizontal plane.
  • Clipped Buxus cubes are used to integrate the water feature, providing a purposeful link between the built and living garden elements.

Flowering selections

The feminine softness of flowers and herbaceous plants provides a great contrast to more rigid sculptural plantings.