Create a modern statement with pleaching

Date: 01-Apr-2016

Create a modern statement with pleaching

If you’re looking for a stylish, contemporary look for your garden, you can’t go past pleaching. This trend has taken off in recent years, revealing a multitude of interesting shapes and forms to give your garden a touch of elegance and distinction.

What is pleaching?


Pleaching – which comes from the French word ‘plecher’, which means to braid – is a method of shaping and training trees to create an elevated, interwoven hedge that appears to be on stilts. Producing a pleached tree is a process of pruning to achieve the desired tree shape and size.


Landscaping uses for pleached trees


When planted in rows, the exposed, uniform trunks of pleached trees can add an architectural element to your garden. Underplant with a secondary, low hedge or more informal plantings to add dimension to the landscape.


Caring for your pleached trees


Pleached trees are not for the time-poor gardener. In order to maintain the formal effect of a pleached hedge, regular maintenance and pruning is required. However, new modern pole pruning equipment makes it easy to maintain this look.


Pleached varieties currently available at Warners: